Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Last day for Lays Stax, Combos & TGI Fridays Chips Deal at Rite Aid


Don't forget about Lays Stax, Combos & TGI Friday Bag Chips awesome deal at Rite Aid today, March 1, 2011. They are on sale for only $1.00, then when you use your Wellness card, you receive 1 Up+ Rewards. Making it basically FREE for these items.

Once you have your Wellness Card at Rite Aid try this deal idea:
Transaction 1:
Purchase 5 Lays Stax and/or Combos and/or TGI Friday Chips
Total = $5.00 + tax OOP (out of pocket)
Earn 5 +Up Rewards

Transaction 2:
Purchase 5 Lays Stax and/or Combos and/or TGI Friday Chips = $5.00 + tax
Use your 5 +Up Rewards (received for Transaction 1)
Total =  $0.00 (OOP)
Then you receive 5 more +Up Rewards

After both transactions you will get:
10 Lays Stax and/or Combos and/or TGI Friday Chips
Payed $5.00 cash
Received 5+ Up Rewards for a later another transaction

Couponistas call this deal 100% FREE
You can't do better than that!!!


  1. This is cool! I may try to ask Steven if I can run over there tonight and try this! I will let you know! Love ya! Thx for the great deal idea!

  2. Thx, Johanna! I just got back from Rite Aid, and I'm very pleased with my trip! My store was out of combos and the lays stax, but they had the Fridays snacks available....

    My first trans:
    4 Nivea lip balms.... $0.28 (paid tax only)

    2nd trans:
    5 tgif cheddar and bacon chip bags...$5.00 OOP
    plus received 5 up rewards back

    3rd trans:
    3 more lip balms (used 3 up rewards from prev trans)..........$0.21 (paid only tax)

    so....I brought home 7 lip balms and 5 chip bags for only 5 dollars, plus I still have 2 UP rewards left to spend in my pocket for next time. Awesome! Thanks for the heads up and the help, Johanna!

  3. Great Job Joy!!!! That is something to be proud of girlly!!!! Thanks for sharing that with everyone, so they can see it can be done.