Thursday, March 24, 2011

My journey this week....

This is not my typical blog - it isn't about couponing - it isn't about the latest deal - it is about something very close to my heart - the love of my life, My God.

I started a new Bible Study called "Breaking Free" (updated version) by Beth Moore 1 1/2 weeks ago.  I feel compelled that the Lord wants me to share part of this journey with you.

First off, let me say if you have not heard of Beth Moore or have not done Breaking Free, it is incredibly awesome. She goes deep and she is very real and authentic! I love how her studies are designed to be Bible driven but also very personal to your relationship with the Lord. I have been doing Beth Moore Bible Studies for the past 6 years now. My very first Beth Moore study was Breaking Free, her first version. And let me say, I have never looked back since God started me on this close journey with Him.

Now, I am about to get really real with you all. Part of me wishes I did not have any spiritual struggles. I wish I was perfect for God, but I know that is not the case. This week has had its ups and downs because God has shown me that without Him being a priority in my life daily, I can do NOTHING on my own. I always knew this but never so up close and personal. The way our Bible Study is set up we need to do our study daily, but yesterday I decided to skip a day. So, I made the wrong choice - I did not do it =( And as morning turned in afternoon, I felt this complete lack....lack of contentment, a lack of satisfaction, a lack of peace, a lack of love for myself. My patience seemed to be too short and my wants seemed to be too much.

My whole point is that God wants to spend time with us, He loves us! He will fill our "lack" if we pray and tell Him. We are the ones who get the most out of spending time with Him. What God is showing me is that NOTHING satisfies me other than HIM!!! 

With much love & blessings ~ Johanna

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