Friday, March 11, 2011

Mailbox Money!!!

I had a lot of FREEBIES come to our home mailbox this week =) When I first started to request freebies online it took about 4 weeks to start getting them, but now I am getting all sorts of great things we use every week! So, why not start getting your freebies today - just check out my website daily, I usually post at least one freebie a day!

This is what came to my mailbox this week:
  • 1 coupon for FREE Land O Lake Butter ($2.99 value)
  • 4 coupons for Ziploc Baggies ($3.00 value on each coupon)
  • $9.97 check for PediaSure Rebate check
  • $7.90 Rebate check for Just for Men product
  • $4.00 Rebate check for Pilot Pens
  • Box of Cheez-its (3 samples included)
  • Johnson & Johnson coupon book
Since I do rebates now, it has been nice to get some money here and there on products I get for free or pay little for. The rebate checks helped pay for me and my husband's first date in over 6 months, since we first had Micah. What a great time we had, thanks mom and dad for watching the all 3 boys!

How are you doing with rebates? Comment and let us know!

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