Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rite Aid FREE Ester-C Products!

At Rite this week Ester-C is Buy One Get One FREE. I never purchased these until I got them FREE at Rite Aid and now my husband and I use them when we start getting a cold or feeling tired. I find they work really well and they did not cost me a dime! I like that type of deal.

To get your for cheap or almost free deal try this:
  1. Get the cheapest Ester-C product. At my store it was $5.49ea. at BOGO = 2 bottles for $5.49 + tax
  2. Go here for 2 - $2.00 coupons or go here (at bottom left hand corner) or use your coupons from Sunday 3/6 inserts, I got 3.00 off Ester-C Product
  3. Go here to get your one Ester-C coupon from  Rite Aid Video Values coupon 
  4. If there is a little overage, get a cheap pack of gum or Valentine's Candy at 90% off and you should pay little or nothing depending out how much your Ester-C is at your local Rite Aid.
  5. AND at the end of your receipt after your purchase these you should get 2+ Up Reward also!!! You can use these on another deal another day!
Remember, Rite Aid will let you use your coupons one both items - YEAH!!!

To get more deals at Rite Aid go here. If you get any great deals e-mail me at GL4Moms@aol.com or leave a comment below for all of us!

1 comment:

  1. I went to Kroger and got a similar deal! I used 3 $3.00 off coupons for 4 bottels at $6.49/each and when I tried to use another type of Ester C (because they didn't have 4 of the same type). for the bogo and they wounldn't allow it so I got a refund on two products ($13.00)and a raincheck for another BOGO.

    I made $2.00!

    Anyway thanks for sharing the deal!