Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kroger e-coupon Policy

I have had several people asking me about Kroger  e-coupons policy. So, I have done a lot of digging and calling, but to no avail, the only policy I could even kind is a Kroger Coupon Policy for paper coupons. I found this from website, then you can look at it under paper coupons for yourself on
Yeserday, I called the Corporate Kroger phone number, I asked them if they had a corporate coupon policy, they said they DID NOT have a Kroger Coupon Policy online, but I found one, just not one for their store e-coupons - silly huh? Then I asked if they could mail me one and they said they were not able to. Then, I asked how would a consumer know what is their policy about e-coupons and the person at Kroger Corporate stated that every Kroger should have their own store policy printed at Customer Service. So, when I went shopping today, I asked customer service to see their coupon policy, and the manager said they do not have one. So, all in all, it was a little weird. So, I truly hope Kroger will get out a more clear and precise coupon policy so everyone will know exactly what they can and can not do. This would help all parties involved!

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  1. Agreed! I have asked more than once if I can use more than one coupon on an item usual answer is no but on a BOGO they will let you use 2 because you are "purchasing" 2 items (this is at Xenia Kroger). Then I went to Beavercreek Kroger and I used my paper coupons only to find that they also used my ecoupon that I had forgotten about....2 items 3 coupons on a speical closeout item equaled 2 free Gillet Men's Body wash for me! Anyway I don't know why but sometimes my ecoupons won't work so I always try to have a back up plan (paper coupons) just in case (especially if it is a part of a mega 10 event).