Monday, February 21, 2011

FREE Finish Quantumatic @ Rite Aid

This is a great deal this week at Rite Aid!!!!
I have never used this dishwasher detergent before, but for FREE I am willing to!!

Finish Quantumatic is on sale from $10.99 to $3.99 at Rite Aid
Click here for this $3.00 Off  Finish Quantumatic, go down to bottom of page for the coupons you need to click on. you will have to register but is is easy.
Click here to register and print out $1.00 off Finish Quantumatic coupon at Video Values from RiteAid

Use both coupons and your cost will be FREE!!! Don't forget to sign up for your Wellness Card for FREE. That is how you will get the sale prices at Rite Aid and earn point on your card. To learn more about the Wellness Card go here. It is an easy process and you will get a plastic card similar to CVS and Kroger cards.

If you did not know this Rite Aid will let you use both manufacturer coupon and their own Rite Aid coupons. This is part of their coupon policy.

Have fun Blessed Day!!!!

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