Saturday, February 19, 2011

Check Out Target Ladies!!!

If you are going to target anytime soon, stop by the clearance aisle for Valentine’s Day items. They have their books, valentines day cards, and other various items marked down to 75% off. The candy is marked down to 50% also.

So, this is what I got:

2 pairs of slipper socks      $1.25 each (was $5.00 each)
1 Ever After DVD               $2.00 (was $5.00)
1 Valentine Box of cards  .75  (was $3.00)
Total $5.25 with tax
I saved $12.50 cents

I was really excited about the Ever After DVD I bought since it was only $5.00 reg price, and then I had printed out a coupon 2 weeks ago for $3.00 off any Everafter DVD. So, I got this adorable DVD I had been wanting to buy for myself for only $2.00 =)
To make things even sweeter I had a gift card, so I paid no money (OOMP) out of my pocket!

I checked to see if the DVD coupon was still available, but it is not, but there are left on under entertainment tab on the left side.

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