Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spent $4.48 & Made $10.00 +UPR & $5.00 SCR

I wish I realized what a good deal the Burt Bees offer was this week, since I found out there were a ton of Rite Aid coupons that could be used to make this deal GREAT!!! These deals are only good til Saturday!!! So, if you can get yours today!

My first transaction total $2.63 + tax OOP
My second transaction was $3.91 + tax OOP
In TOTAL l I only paid $4.48 + tax
{Made $10.00 +UP Rewards & $5.00 SCR}

This is how paid for Transaction 1 & some possible coupons to use:
$3.00 off $15.00 coupon for store survey (on your receipt from last visit)
$2.00 Off $10.00 fromm March Video Values for Beauty Bonus
$1.00 Off Tinted lip balm March Video Values
$1.00 Off lotion (I had this coupon a long time and finally was able to use it.)
$2.00 off lotion on Burt Bees facebook to share with a friend. Click on "Give Some Good" I could not get it to work, maybe you will have better luck.
I used several +UP Rewards to lower my OOP, so I was happy to only pay $2.63 + tax OOP
Then you will get $5.00 +UP Rewards from purchasing $15.00 of Burt Bees Products

This is how paid for Transaction 2 & some possible coupons to use:
$3.00 off $15.00 coupon for store survey (on your receipt from last visit)
$2.00 Off $10.00 from April Video Values for 'Go Green'
$1.00 Off Tinted lip balm April Video Values
$1.50 Off Lotion April Video Values
Use your $5.000 +Up Rewards from Transaction 1
/ Then you still need some fillers to get to $15.00 mark. For myself, I bought 4 -$1.00 bags of snacks since I was able to earn back $1.00 in +UP Rewards for every 2 snacks I purchased.
/ If you printed off the $1.50 / 2 NYC items you could get nail polish for only $0.60 each since they are 40% off til Sunday.
I ended up paying only $3.91 for this transaction & earned $5.00 +UP Rewards from Burt Bees Products, and then $2.00 +UP Rewards for the 4 snacks I purchased.

OK, so here are some of the even better deals my Rite Aid had at their store, so I could get more Burt Bees products then I thought I was going to be able to.
  • The 2 pack of tinted lip balm was clearanced from $9.99 down to $4.99, and then I used my $1.00 coupon to make it $4.00.
  • The Little circle tins of hand salve or what some people use lip gloss was 50% off to make it $1.25 each!!!
So, after both transactions this is what I have:
  • $30.00 worth of Burt Bees products for only $4.48 cash - YEAH!!!!
  • $7.00 in +UP Rewards after last transaction
  • $5.00 to get back for my SCR  
To see more Rite Aid deals I got for almost FREE earlier this week go here.
To see the other Rite Aid deals go here.

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