Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Paid $3.07 w/ tax @ Rite Aid Trip!!!!

OK, I went to Rite Aid on Sunday afternoon and they were out of  A LOT of things, I was only able to get the Burt's Bees offer (Spend $15.00 - get $5.00 +UP Rewards) again this week for only $1.50 OOP with tax. Then today, I went again since I was excited to use the $1.50 coupon from Lysol!! So, all together for the items above I paid only $3.07 OOP with tax.

Now what I am really excited about is that I was able to score the Hero Gummie Vitamins for almost FREE even though I had no coupons for it. I had almost a $4.00 overage on coupons I used for the Ester C Gummies. Both set of  vitamins are on sale this week for Buy 1 Get 1 Free. Rite Aid allows you to use 1 coupon per item even if it is a B1G1 Free sale. Then if you have a rite Aid coupon you can also use that with the manufacturer coupon. 

This how I got my deal: 
  • 4 American Greeting (little gift cards) priced $1.19 each ($1.07 for me since I had 10% off) use $2.00/2 American Greetings cards here = $0.39-$0.14 for 4 mini gift cards
  • 2 Ester C Gummie Vitamins $5.99ea. (B1G1 Free) - use 2 $3.00 coupons from newspaper (expire 4/20- use them quick) Ther are also some $2.00 coupon from the newspaper inserts. Then use Rite Aid $2.00 from March Rite Aid Video Values
  • 2 Hero Gummie Vitamins $7.99ea. (B1G1 Free) =  $7.99 for both or $7.20 for both with 10% discount - I had no coupons for these items
  • $0.99 Sunchips - use $1.00 on Sunchips coupon April Rite Aid Video Values (no size restriction) = FREE
  • 4 Lysol Wipes (28-35 ct) – $2.50 - Use 4/$1.50 Lysol Wipes coupon here & use $1/1 Lysol Item Rite Aid April Video Values coupon Final cost FREE one and $3.00 for 3 = $3.00 for 4 Lysol Wipes!
  • Use $2.00 off $10.00 in 'Spring Cleaning Category' in Rite Aid Video Values  (I forgot to use this one!)
  • Use Rite Aid Video Values for $1.00 off Rite Aid Pharmacy for any item - there are 2 of them (if you have not used them already)
  • I also used $3.00/$15.00 coupon from the past receipt I had from Rite Aid
  • Use any +UP Rewards you have in hand to keep your OOP low!
Total = $3.07 for everything with tax for my order!!!

The Lysol total was $10.00 before coupons and that went towards the $30.00 of cleaning products. Go here to see the circular for all the offers here from For the Mommas website.

*I also get 10% off non-sale item pricing so your total could be little more than mine.

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