Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Saved $63.05 at Rite Aid this Week!

So, Rite Aid was so good to me again this week!!! Not all of this deal you will want to replicate since I had to get printer ink for my printer, but I only spent $4.89 OOP and saved $63.05!!! YEAH!!! I did multiplel transactions since I was trying to pay as little OOP, and then just used my +UP Rewards to roll over to the next transaction. I also planned ahead and used 3/$3.00 off $15.00 from filling out the store survey online from the receipts I received last week. That is another reason I like doing multiple transactions. The only other advantage I have is that I get 10% all my non-sale items at Rite Aid from earning points on my Wellness Card.

Here is what I purchased:
  • 2 Scunci hair item on sale for $1.99 - receive $1.99 +UP Rewards = FREE limit 2 per household
  • 2 ProGlide Razors on sale $9.99 - used $5.00 coupon from P&G Mailers - receive $5.00 +UP Reward = FREE
  • Pantene Conditioner - used $2.00 coupon = $4.49 Now, I don't really like Pantene but I purchased it for this great rebate if I still don't like it after I use it. Pantene is offering DOUBLE your money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product, go here to get more details. So, if I am not satisfied with it, then I will get back $12.98 back - WOW!!! That would make it a $8.49 moneymaker, if I am not satisfied with this product.
  • Canon Color Ink $29.99 = had 10% off at Rite Aid $26.99 but paid only almost nothing for this ink cartridge. I saved up my $20.00 in UP+ Rewards to get this ink cartridge since I do not like paying OOP for ink. I think this is one great way to save money since I use my printer A LOT for printing coupons!
  • 2 Reese Eggs & 2 Cadburry Eggs used 2 different $0.50 coupons here from Rite Aid Video Values
  • You can also use your 2/$1.00 off any Rite Aid purchase from Rite Aid Video Values if you have not used coupons for this month yet.
  • And use your $3.00 off $15.00 from filling out the store survey online. I used 3 of them in 2 different transactions.
So, all in all I saved a ton of money!!!  Thank You Lord!

I hope you get your great Rite Aid deals this week. Let us know under comments below or e-mail me at GL4Moms@aol.com!

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  1. Wow! Each week you continue to amaze me! Truly such a great job!