Friday, May 20, 2011

Earn Points to get Gas Debit Cards!!!

The above photo is the back of the Rice Krispie Cereal I bought today. I just registered online here and entered my points, which are basically 1 point = 1 box of food. I also had bought Nutri Grain Bars and they had a code on them as well. Since Kroger has much of their Kelloggs cereals on sale for only $1.99. You can also print out coupons here to get an even better deal! I got some great deals on cereal and in no time I will be able to earn a $5.00 debit gift card. YEAH!!

To see a list of the participating products go here. FYI: Under the 'rules' there is a maximum limit of 8 codes you may enter per day and a maximum of 30 codes per the program period.

There is a second gift card deal that Kelloggs is doing right now! To learn more about getting $10.00 Debit Cards go here.

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